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12 Weeks Pregnant belly | Signs and Symptoms


12 Weeks Pregnant belly

Vital Signs and Symptoms In 12 Weeks Pregnant belly

Are you in the 12 weeks pregnant belly duration these days? You are finally at the end of the 1st trimester! This is the hardest time of all the three trimesters for you. You are just a couple of months away from holding a baby in your hands! In the 12 weeks of the pregnancy, you will continuously be in the feeling of being tired and feeling nausea all the time. You will be finding your appetite empty and wants to eat all the time.  In this week a certain level of emotional and physical changes will come over. Let’s make you learn about those changes!

Physical changes in 12 Weeks Pregnant Belly:

  • In the physical changes, the skin around the areas of nipples will be getting darker. You will also be noticing with the darker patches of pigmentation on your face. This will also become all about with the beginnings of a dark vertical line that is all running from your navel to the side of the top of your pubic area.


  • Your overall blood flow volume will increase as well. This is because of the pregnancy glow in your pregnancy 12th week.
  • Your uterus will be lifting up and much be visible as out of the pelvis. This would be giving your bladder with some room as in filling with more than that of the few of milliliters of urine. You would also be able to feel somehow the top of your uterus poking up as to be from the top of your pubic bone.


What are Emotional changes in 12 Weeks Pregnant Belly?

Now let’s talk about some of the emotional changes in the 12 weeks pregnant! You would be feeling much euphoric this week. You will find your energy low at some time and high on other time. Some of the women even unveil that they do have the sense of wanting to jump out of their skin in this trimester.  The 12th week is all about being relaxed and comfortable much. This week also reduces the risk of miscarrying as well. This is the ideal time to know the fact that you are expecting a baby.

You will weep for no reason and will become much more sensitive as well. Another amazing emotional change in 12 weeks pregnant is that you will be finding your partner more sexually attractive than you have for weeks. It is safe to involve yourself in sex with your partner throughout the whole pregnancy, until and unless you are at risk of premature labor.

How your Baby Changes in 12 Weeks Pregnant Belly?

             In the activity of ultrasound, you can clearly catch the changes in your baby growth and development! This week will give your baby growth with the size that is twice times as compare to previous weeks. Your baby will be in the shape of ripe plum. It would be around 5.0-6.5 centimetres or 2-2.5 inches long. Your baby will be moving all the time being involved in stretching or kicking or twisting. But as they are small and the uterus is only just at the top of your pelvis, then you still would not be able to feel it moving. As your baby somehow gets bigger and starts on to be pressing against your uterine wall, you will then be all able to feel its movements clearly. In this week the bone marrow of the baby will start developing too.

They will start producing their own white blood cells. They are basically defined to be the infection fighting cells which will assist them to stay well and healthy. Between the 12 weeks pregnant of 12-18, it is the critical period over the baby’s brain development. You should avoid all kinds of alcohol, tobacco or drugs now. This is for the reason that they can add some long-term affects on your baby. This is also in the condition when your baby’s pituitary gland starts upon with the working and also about the manufacturing its own hormones. The Placenta of the baby will be performing all the important functions. This adds with the filtering oxygen and also the nutrients to assist your access of baby to grow. Their eyelids will be complete covered to give their eyes with some protection in 12 weeks pregnant belly.  Plus your baby’s intestines start contracting and so as relaxing. Thus, this would help you a lot with the healthy digestion when they are born.

All in all, we would say that in the 12 weeks pregnant belly you should avoid doing the exercises that potentially reduces the oxygen supply to your baby. You should make yourself familiar with the food items that can cause you or your baby to become sick. In all such food items, we will mention about the soft cheeses foods, seafood, and sushi or the pate, prepared salads, and cold delicatessen meats.