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8 weeks pregnant belly: What Symptoms you will Experience?


8 weeks pregnant belly

weeks pregnant belly: What Symptoms you will Experience?

Getting into the condition of the 8 weeks pregnant belly is a big time of this stage. It means that you are just four months after from getting to the ending point of the first trimester somehow. In this duration, you should be the little bit alert about holding into the exposure of the toxins or any chemicals that can put your baby on the harm development. Just stay focused and healthy much. Let’s discuss some of the main changes that take place in 8 weeks pregnant belly time!


How will you be looking in 8 weeks Pregnancy Trimester?


Any women who are getting expected for the first time, they want to know what changes they will experience in their physical appearance in the eight weeks. In this week course, the hormones of the pregnancy will be working as overtime to support the growth of your baby and establish with the firm nature in your uterine. You will be experiencing your breast size getting increased in size and so as in weight. Your waistline will get disappear. You will be feeling dizzy, and light headed most of the times. They are some of the ordinary signs in the early period of the pregnancy.

Talk about physical changes in 8 weeks pregnancy Belly:


  • You will be getting into the more consumption of the food items this week. Throughout the whole journey, nausea will remain close to you like your best companion.
  • It has been investigated around that there have been 70-80 percent or women in the 1st trimester of pregnancy who will experience nausea to some degree.
  • You should try to avoid your blood sugar dropping too low all through by not missing meals, as well as snacking between meals and eating foods that are much easy to digest.
  • You should not force yourself to eat all the time to look healthy. You will be getting into the feeling of full pelvis this week all the tie.
  • You will be feeling to eat more and more all the time.
  • You would be aware that your waistline is much thicker than it is of the usual size.
  • You should choose with the clothing options as to be reaching for the elastic waist pants and skirts that are to be around week 8 of pregnancy.


How the baby changes in 8 weeks pregnancy Belly?


It’s time to talk about in what ways the baby will change in the 8 weeks pregnant belly! In this course, your baby will almost in the shape of the fetus. This label will stay with them till the end of the pregnancy duration after the birth. In this month, your baby will be around 1 centimeter long, and they will, at last, be losing their little tail.  They will start forming with some shape of the big forehead and a small body. This week the baby will also be developing upon with the tip as on the end of the nose. They will become apparent with their fingers as well as toes and lips, eyelids and legs. They will get eye positioned very far to be apart and more to the side of their portion of a face. Plus in this week, the valves into the heart of your baby will be located, and this passage will let the air to flow to their throat that will form the path of lungs development.  In this week, the baby will also be developing with some of the little involuntary movements. But they are still in a C shape that is quite similar to a kidney bean. In the 8th week, the bones of the baby will start to form, and they can bend with their tiny arms at their elbows and so as the wrists.

Let’s give some hints to the mothers in the 8 weeks pregnant belly!


  • You should always consider as in wearing with the comfortable bra which will best support your enlarged breasts.
  • You should take as much rest over a bed as possible and avoid with all kinds of marathon days running or walking.
  • You should also consider out buying with some supportive pregnancy pillow that you can utilize as until you deliver.
  • Opt for the long and much rectangular pads can be great for the supporting an enlarging tummy and into the condition of the alleviating early pregnancy back pain.
  • Get in helping hand of some midwife based scheme in the medical centers or also an obstetrician if you have private health insurance.


So this was the ending over the discussion about some of the essential and central signs to learn in 8 weeks pregnant belly condition! This is so interesting and exciting for the female readers who are expecting their first baby. This is so special? Get ready to experience it!