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7 weeks pregnant belly: What you should expect?



7 weeks pregnant belly

7 weeks pregnant belly: What you should expect?

Do you want to know that what happens when you are in the 7 weeks pregnant belly? At the seven weeks, you would not be looking as if you are pregnant, but you will certainly be getting this feeling!  There is no such kind of hard and fast rule where you should be waiting around for the 12 weeks regarding getting on with the announcement of the pregnancy. Let’s get into the detail set of the discussion about what you should be expecting when you are in the 7 weeks pregnant belly:

Vital signs in 7 weeks pregnant belly in women:

Some of the significant symptoms that you will be experiencing over the 7th week of the pregnancy conditions are as mentioned below:


  • You will be getting into the terms of the food aversions. There are some of the food items that can somehow become less appealing regarding the taste all along with texture and smell.
  • You will be getting into the conditions of the vomiting and nausea too. You can get into the morning sickness that will be starting in the starting early stages of the pregnancy.
  • There is a condition of the frequent urination as well. As the body will be getting increasingly into the blood volume, the kidney will be expanding and hence pushing with your bladder.
  • You can face the condition of the excess amount of saliva too. This is one of the most common signs in the pregnancy. This is the sign that is common in the women who are having hyperemesis gravidarum. This is the extreme form of pregnancy sickness in the women nature. Many women would experience it.


Plus there is the sign of food cravings too. As the hormone of the women gets increased in the pregnancy, you would be finding yourself starving for the food items.

The condition for the carving of the ice or the nonfood items is known as pica. In most of the states, pica is interlinked with the nutritional deficiency. We are sure that it would be much helpful for you in that case!

How To deal with Nausea in 7 weeks pregnancy belly?

If you are dealing with the condition of nausea, then there are some precautionary measures, you should take into account. You can combat it by eating with some small meals. You should be avoided with some extended periods without the food items.  You should also make sure that you avoid entirely with the spicy or fatty foods. Some of the women find much of the help by taking soda water or some fizzy drinks. To ease nausea, taking ginger is much help too. You can use it as the drink or in the cooking. You can also buy the ginger capsules. You should be sure of the fact that you are taking with enough amount of the Vitamin B6. You should not overdo it. There are so many more counter medications as well which you can make by doctor prescription. Try to keep some crackers or almonds by your side all the time or in your bag.


What happens to the baby in 7 Weeks Pregnancy condition?

In the 7 weeks pregnancy belly, your baby will be known as the embryo. They have the small tail that is still present, but it will be disappeared.


  • At the time of the 7 weeks gestation, your baby portion of the limb buds is taken to the arms and also the legs. So this is the time month when the elbows of the baby will start forming up.
  • In the minimum time duration, the baby will be starting with the fun of bending or also the positioning of the flexing. They will soon, or even you will feel the strength of the baby.
  • You will feel them when they will move inside your womb.
  • The toes and fingers of the baby will be giving the impression of like the little ridges, and they will start to develop into the tiny digits.
  • Plus the lips and tongue or the nostrils will begin to form as well all along with the teeth that will be under the gum of the baby.
  • Eyelids will also start building up and hence with the parts of the baby brain portion will even begin to grow.
  • The liver will also create through the red blood cells and will be doing so just as until the bone of the baby that is marrow forming and hence takes on over.
  • In simple at the 7-week pregnant belly, the baby will now be developing into the size of the blueberry that will be in the measurement of around 1.25cm long.


So this is the end of the discussion about what you can expect when you are in the 7 weeks pregnant belly condition! Are you ready to experience it?