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10 weeks Pregnant belly-Learn about Physical and Emotional Changes


10 weeks Pregnant belly

10 weeks Pregnant belly-Learn about Physical and Emotional Changes

Have you ever thought about what physical and emotional changes you will experience in 10 weeks pregnant belly period? By the time you are into the ten weeks of the pregnancy, you will be figuring out with so many baby’s changes will be targeted towards their growth and maturity.  They have the body organs that entirely formed now, and they are all the way primed to support independent life when they are born close to 40 weeks. The developing of the baby body in the ten weeks much reduced. But it is essential much to still be careful about your pregnancy till the end of the time.

What Physical Changes Happen in the 10th week of pregnancy?


  • In the ten weeks pregnant belly, you will be experiencing your uterus to be turning into the shape o the grapefruit.
  • There will be more thickening as around your middle this week as when those elasticized pants and skirts are still getting a workout.
  • You will not be getting any much conditions of nausea this week. But still, you should be holding ice cream in your hand all the time and choose the food items that are easy to digest.
  • You will be into the situations where you will experience the wind or gas in your stomach.
  • In this week, beans, green leafy vegetables, bran, and high fiber cereals can all be your main offenders.


What emotional Changes Happen in the 10th week of pregnancy?


      Now let’s talk about the emotional changes that would be taking place this week. In the ten weeks pregnant belly, you will be yourself becoming more superstitious than usual. You should try to balance reality and science with the range of the bit of healthy fun. You will start dreaming strange and sometimes frightening dreams that make no such kind of sense. You should stop analyzing them for possible means. You could also begin to mentally organize your work commitments from the range around week 10. You would be feeling a bit drab and unattractive around now.

How baby changes in the 10 weeks pregnant belly?

Now, most of the mothers want to know that how their baby will be changing in 10 weeks pregnant belly duration. Let’s talk about it in detail:


  • In this week the size of the baby will be prune or a cumquat.
  • Your baby fingers and so as the toes will form as wholly. They will start developing their finger and toenails too. Your baby will also be bending their limbs in this week.
  • All the baby organs entirely formed in this week. They will continue to mature even more in the coming days. They will somehow develop in preparation for extra-uterine life.
  • In this week, the kidney of the baby is filtering the blood and producing upon the urine as well. They are at the same time secreting the digestive juices in their stomach just as getting ready for dealing with the amniotic fluid as they are swallowing soon.
  • If the baby is a boy, then his testicles are already producing testosterone that is the primary and crucial male sex hormone.
  • The head of the baby does not change, and it is still large in comparison with the rest of the body parts.
  • In the ten weeks, the bones and neck of the baby are also completely formed. You can see their features much more clearly with the course of the ultrasound at this stage.
  • Plus the layer of fine hair known as lanugo is now covering your portion of the baby’s body. Their inner and so as the outer ear, tooth buds and eyes are all mentioned to be fully developed.

In the ten weeks pregnant belly, ladies need to care much with their health as their baby has started to develop now. You should get some experimenting with herbal teas as in place of your usual caffeine tea and coffee.  They are pleasant and will add a relaxing effect on your mood too. You should try to increase the consumption of the milk and calcium intake as a week. The bones and tooth of your baby are just forming because of milk and calcium consumption. You should try to avoid any infections this week which may increase your temperature. This will also risk problems with your baby’s tooth development. You should be keeping the supply of snacks on hand for the time when you are feeling dizzy. As because of the challenges in eating properly now, your blood sugar could be in the conditions of low at times. You should try as not to stand up too quickly. You should give your body time to adjust your blood pressure as you stand up.