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What to expect in 9 weeks pregnant belly?


9 weeks pregnant belly

What to expect in 9 weeks pregnant belly?

The beginning of the 9 weeks pregnant belly shows the sign that now you are into the last month of the first trimester. At the 9th week, your baby has turned into the premature fixture, and you can quickly feel their presence as well. Now many of the women are in want to know that what sort of changes on emotional and physical terms are expected in the nine weeks of the pregnancy belly! Let’s bring a detail insight discussion about it!

Details on Physical changes in 9 weeks Pregnant belly:

It is much often too much early as in feeling the expand of the uterus all the way through the abdominal wall. As you will be in the nine weeks of the pregnancy, it would still be hiding in the pubic bone. It will lift as you reach the 12th week of the pregnancy. You can see your veins much clearly at the areas of the legs and breast. If you are in the standing position for a while, then you will feel the ache in the legs. You would want to sit down more. You should make an effort in putting the legs up and then making it rest on the chair or the footrest. In the physical changes, you will be finding the vaginal discharged to be getting much increased often.

This is much a normal condition in the duration of the pregnancy. You should not be much concerned about it until and unless it would be giving weird smell or becoming yellow. Some of the ladies often deal with this condition by using the panty liners. Plus, you will be feeling with some occasional cramps and some lower abdominal pains too. This is much normal, and hence it would be because of some heaviness and discomfort also. If you find the pain worse, or if the vaginal bleeding is getting more, then it is the time to get concerned about it and get in touch with the midwife. Apart from it, the nipples will grow larger and darker in color too. You will also be finding the small pimples that are forming around the area of the areola. The name of Montgomery’s Tubercles knows this condition. This condition will be helping out the nipples for the sake of breastfeeding. You should not make any effort to get rid of it or squeezing it. They are happening for a reason.


What are the emotional changes in 9 weeks pregnant belly?


  • In the nine weeks pregnant belly, you will be finding yourself a bit low in health. You will be getting into the condition of nausea and tiredness hanging all around you.
  • Some of the women will be feeling upon the sense of guilt expression as well. You can overcome or cope it all through the maternal love around them. You should not give them any negative feelings or sense. Be welcoming to them all the time.
  • You will be feeling tired and exhausted all the time. You should be aiming for simple things and learn to get energy from the things around you.

How does the baby change in 9 weeks pregnant belly?

In the nine weeks, your baby is around 2.5cm long. In this week, you would be able to hear the heartbeat of your baby with the doppler. The baby will be all set with the development of the tissues. This is a particular time for you and baby growth. In the start of the nine weeks, the eyes of the baby will be growing bigger and will be having a pigment color in their eyes. It would be taking around three years for the baby to get a permanent eye color. Plus the ears of your baby are also forming as both the inside and out. They will also develop with the tiny tongue inside their body along with the tooth buds and even jaw. To experience these fantastic changes, consult your doctor right now.

Let’s add some hints for the nine weeks pregnant belly at the end for you:

  • You can enroll yourself in some yoga classes for the better healthy growth of your baby development.
  • You should read some books or attend education classes this week.
  • Nine week is crucial of all the weeks, so take maximum bed rest and stay alert as much as possible.
  • lIf you are into jogging habit, then exchange it with some exercises that are light and simple. Carrying out constant jarring is not suitable for this period.


So this is all we have ended with some critical and central guidelines about 9 weeks pregnant belly to take care about. Follow up the changes carefully and enjoy this period. Go for it now!